Sunday, January 4, 2015

See Why Kleenex is my MVP!

I recently got an opportunity to sample Kleenex Brand Anti-Viral Tissues and Kleenex Brand Tissues with Lotion. It's a perfect time of year for a sample like this! Between school-aged children and holiday guests, it's a safe bet that someone will have the sniffles. 

The one thing I really LOVE about Kleenex is the super cute packaging. They have designs to coordinate with any decor and often have holiday designs as well.

Kleenex Brand Tissues with Lotion are amazingly soft and absorbant. They are the perfect tissue for preventing a raw, sore nose! 

Kleenex Brand Anti-Viral Tissues are new. And they are the first tissues of their kind. They boast some pretty amazing stats!!!

I know that any little bit helps when it comes to preventing the spread of sickness. These tissues are designed to trap germs inside them. 

I think we will be stocking up on BOTH types of tissues. Each type has a special purpose that is much needed this time of year. Give them a try. I think you will be impressed!!!

Disclaimer: I received a sample free from Kleenex and Crowdtap for review purposes. All photos and opinions are my own.